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AJ Garner

In 1992 at the height of the "Rave" scene, Adam produced one side of a double a-side 12 inch which he co-released with Matt Darey under the alias of "8 Bit Trip". This self funded release was very successful and provided Matt with the grounding for his hugely successful "Trance" career.

Adam was never the self-assured man that Matt was, Matt followed his dreams down to London whilst Adam stayed in Leicester to continue his career as a highly skilled electronics engineer.

You could say that Adam is a little obsessed by synths and electronic musical devices; over the years he has owned many of the classic instruments that are the mainstay of modern electronic music. He's certainly no collector of analog for the sake of it, most gear passes through his hands and only the finest pieces of gear remain in his studio. If you look around his studio you can't help thinking "what the hell is that?" Electronic engineers with a passion for music can't help dabbling and the result is custom made modular monsters that generate unique sounds of their own

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Electronic Activist

Electronic Activist documents the musical activities of AJ Garner from 1993 until 1999.

Electronic Activist is a round up of AJ Garner tracks from the post 8 Bit Trip 90’s. Warm and heady when it needs to be, hard and solid where it counts; this is the sound of underground techno electronica.

CD Baby bandcamp iTunes
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