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Kon nichi wa

My name is Naoko Suzuki.
I’m Japanese and have been living in Nottinghamshire, UK for 16 years.

I translate between Japanese and English, and love to teach my native language to enthusiastic Brits. I also have a passion for the ancient Japanese art of Sho Do (brush writing).

Please look at my web-page and get in touch by using the contact form below.


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Sho Do

  • Beginners Mind Beginners Mind
  • Celebrate Celebrate
  • Congratulations Congratulations
  • Dream Dream
  • Friend Friend
  • Get Well Get Well
  • Good Luck Good Luck
  • Hope Hope
  • Like Like
  • Thanks Thanks
  • Thank You Thank You
  • Way Way


SHIKI SHI - special presentation cards from Japan

Large 27cm x 24cm £18
Medium 21cm x 18cm £15
Small 13.5cm x 12cm £9

Thin paper

Large 78cm x 25.5cm £18
Medium 33.5cm x 24.5cm £12

Japanese Lessons

I offer one to one lessons, from beginners to advanced levels.
Please contact me to discuss how I can help you improve your Japanese.

Japanese Teaching Certificate

Translation services